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Working Together...

From our heart to yours, thanks for donating.

2013 Junior High Score Overall.


2013 Team Champs,

Way to go!

Team North Peace Communications,



We support a variety of causes in our community below are a sampling.  We really do believe in helping people and contributing. Over and above the work we do with our clients, we focus on giving back -- this is an integral part of who we are, plain and simple. 


Why wouldn't everyone help out?


Cancer Walk:  Danny's mom had cancer, we feel it would be fantastic if they kept up the great work they are doing in finding  a cure for all types of cancer.


Salvation Army: The Salvation Army here  in Dawson Creek and elsewhere in this great country of ours, helps the less fortunate in many ways.  This is our way of helping them help those who require their services . Thank you for volunteering.


Dawson Creek Hospital Foundation is a community-focused entity who strive to improve and upgrade so the city hospital can attain better equipment. 


This is why we support those who support us in times of need.  Thanks !


Canuck House: They help when it's needed the most.  The  Canuck House is a very special place when things are tough.  They work to lessen the burden on families with their multiple services . Thanks for being there for so many.


The Shriners : With helping to get hundreds of kids to camps and transportation right to hospitals,  they're always on the go and they do it all by donation.  So the parents who are already burdened with the financial stress have less to worry about


Dawson Creek Hospital Trapshoot Fundraiser:  This is  a fun shoot and fundraiser.  In 2013 North Peace Communications won the adult team shoot and sponsered the junior shooter's prize.  Look below for some great shots of the winner of the junior trap shoot and 2013 North Peace Communications' team. 



The SPCA:  Like kids, the animals are innocent and need our help!.  Most of our pets come from the SPCA.  It's just another way for us to help out!  Please Spay and Nueture your animals.


We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of  you volunteer -- many of these societies depend and value your support  so very much, thank you!!

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