North Peace Communications specializes in providing their clients with high bandwidth communications for a variety of needs. Need high speed, afforable internet on your project? Wireless communications and advanced digital communication needs?

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North Peace Communications is a leading telecommunication's company in northeast BC and northern Alberta.  We provide high bandwidth transport, internet access, VOIP, data services, and repeater systems, from oil and gas drilling companies to production facilities, camps and mobile operations, we can supply all of your needs. We have programs designed to provide high speed connections at a reasonable cost.

Each system we develop and put in place is customized by our trained technicians --

no cookie cutter pricing and plans.  It has to work and yet be affordable!


We service many of the communities in northern BC and Alberta, Saskatchewan, North west Territories, Yukon, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, and Haida Gwaii.



We also provide:


I hope you can find some services we can help you with -- here are a few examples of what we can do for your projects.


Access control, Antenna, Base Radio Rental, Battery, Booster, Broad Band, Cable, Camera, Card Access , Cat 5,CATV, CCTV, Cell Booster, Cell, Cellular, Coal Mine, Codan Radios, Communications, COW, C.O.W., CSA Tower, custom, Daniels, data management, electric gate, electronics repairs, Emergency Response, Exalt, Fail Safe, Fail Secure, Fiber Optics, Fleet Tracking, Fiber optics,  Freewave, Fuel island, Galaxy, GE MDS, Green Energy, Hand Held, Handheld radio rental, Hand held radio sales, hunting, I/S radio rental, internet, intrinsically safe, Iridium, Management, MDS, Microwave, Mobile radio rentals, monitoring equipment, mountain top repeaters, on call, path profiles, pay phones,   Phones, Portable CSA Tower, Portable radios, Portable towers, power back up, Preventative maintenance, Project Management, PTP, Radio Programming, radio Repeater systems, radio sales, repair, repeater sales, ROIP, Satellite dish internet sale, Satellite phone sales, Satellite phone rental,  SCADA, SCAD A, Security, Solar Panel, Solar Power, Structured cabling,  System Design, T.E.G., TAD, Technicians, TEG, Telecommunications, Telemetry, Telephones, Tellular, Thermo Electric Generator, Tower inspection, 


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SCADA solutions (wired, wireless, fiber)



North Peace Communications Ltd. offers SCADA fabrication, installation, system design and service for your remote data collections.


We provide solar, wind and battery power options, multi-frequency wireless transceivers for wireless solutions, data loggers as well as wired systems, fiber optic and backhaul solutions.


Call us to discuss your needs – we are available for new implementations or repair or service on existing systems.

Having cell trouble in your truck or shack?  You will like what we have to offer!


North Peace Communications Ltd. has the experience and equipment to help with all your coverage problems.


We have the ability to extend the range of all wireless equipment with the most common being cellular coverage.  We offer many different solutions for cellular coverage problems from “in-vehicle” boosters and “In-building” boosters to larger area coverage systems and rig boosters.  Our experts can maximize your coverage for remote applications.


Do you own your own equipment?


Cellular boosters must be optimized for their location to ensure the maximum performance and to eliminate damage to your cell booster equipment or items provided by the national cellular providers such as Telus, Bell and Rogers.


Contact us when you are  moving location and we will get your antennas pointed the right way and set your equipment optimally.


North Peace Communications offers Wilson boosters as well as G-wave bi-directional amplifiers and TELCOSAT as well as many other options to meet your needs.




Cell Boosters












Fiber Optic








Fiber optics data is faster than ethernet cable and is the preferred mode of network data transfer -- offering expert fiber optic splicing services in northwest Canada.


Fiber Optics cables are an efficient medium to carry communications signals using pulses of light and are generally preferred over copper cabling.

We staff with highly experienced technicians in splicing and termination of multimode and single mode fiber cables.


Let our certified techs get the fiber connected and tested with all the latest test equipment available. Call the office and check out our rates.


North Peace Communications is a result- oriented company.


 Let us prove we have superior techs in this field locally and beyond.



Satellite Internet

We have very reliable service offerings. Call for a quote on any size package, including large camp packages. We have your surfing needs in mind when we advise on what package will work in your camp, office or hotel. Get connected today.

We proudly offer Codan/ Daniels repeaters and Vertex radios. Codan/Daniels repeaters are robust and dependable, and did I forget to mention, made in Canada and built for Canadian conditions. These repeaters are suitable for mission-critical public service systems, mountaintop and remote applications, with the ability to run P-25 applications.


At North Peace Communications we believe that offering the best equipment without the gimmicks and complications of proprietary systems will allow you to use any brand of two-way radios, and is the only practical solution –- helping keep your communications simple , dependable and affordable.

Two-Way Radio Repeater Systems

Mobile and Intrinsically-Safe Radios

Sales and Rentals Installation and Service


North Peace Communication stocks Vertex Standard two-way radios. We offer you versatile and scaleable products that meet any clients' demands for dependability, affordability  and ruggedness to perform in the field and in the plant.


All of our handheld radios are I/S (intrinsically safe CDEFG) rated without sacrificing output power and range.

NPC offers both mobile and portable radios for sale or on a rental basis. We can professionally mount radios in your vehicle or equipment.  Another solution could be using seat brackets and cigarette lighter plugs, or mobile base stations -- radio-related solutions are available for any situation.

Network Backhaul Solutions

Whether you are linking your field office with your plant or establishing a network link to your head office, we can offer you a scaleable backhaul solution to do mission-critical work from remote locations.  We have the skills and experience to connect your field operations to the world.  Ask us to assess your situation and we will offer you all the possible solutions.

North Peace Communication offers the following products for data and network links

Redline -
Freewave -

Satellite Networks/Satellite Telephones


North Peace Communication is there for you whether you need a permanent communications solution or a short-term communications system.  Our short-term solutions can range from weeks to months.

We offer satellite telephones on a sale or rental basis


We are in Globalstar country! Don't let them worry, call home or to the office.

Reasonable rates, rentals (monthly and weekly rates available foryour area).

Cellular Boosters/Radio Coverage Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions


North Peace Communications Ltd structured cabling options offer high performance, end-to-end cabling designs to perform well above industry standards. With more than 70 years combined experience in design, installation, and maintenance of cabling systems, North Peace Communications Ltd  can help your business meet the challenges of tomorrow's networks.

North Peace Communication Ltd provides a variety of professional products from the world's leading communication vendors and specialists. We stand by our products and have 20+ years experience working with many of these companies. Below are some of the products that we provide our clients. If you have any questions, contact us immediately and we get back to you!

Whether it’s one camp shack or a whole camp, North Peace Communications has a solution for you. Get connected,  stay connected with our help.


Our newest product is from TELCOSAT – we’re a prime vendor!!!

This product is great for use in areas where cell phone coverage is typically poor.


Designed and built exclusively in Canada, Telcosat repeaters have proven to withstand the extreme Canadian weather transitions from minus 40C to plus 40C


Telcosat Inc. is a wholly-owned and operated Canadian company building, designing and selling cellular phone repeaters.


At North Peace Communications we solve the “last mile” problem in your cell phone system.


Call us today – your TELCOSAT Inc Western representative.


CCTV Cameras, DVR Recording, Access Control Systems