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Simply adhering to HSE standards is only the beginning for North Peace Communications. Our clients as well as our employees deserve the best protection available both from accidents and incidents. We offer quality and uniformity of service and we will spare no effort or expense to ensure that we provide both.

“North Peace Communication is proud to have a perfect safety record.

Some of the highlights of our safety program include:

Our reputation is built from the consistency of our dependable service.  We take this very seriously, and it is important to us that our clients receive the right products on schedule.


Our work will comply to all codes and regulations.  We have developed procedures to ensure that quality standards are met. 

Here are some of the highlights of our quality program.

  • Internal safe work permits for every job

  • Job hazards assessment available

  • Tailgate meetings and field risk assessments

  • Incident/accident/near-miss reporting

  • Meeting PPE requirements for all jobs

  • Safety tickets for all field employees, including OFA Level 1, Tower Top Rescue, Fall Protection, WHIMIS and H2S Alive certifications, as well as Quad and AWP courses

  • Incident reporting forms 

  • All service vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, spill kits, first aid/survival kits, shovels, GPS monitoring and communications equipment

  • All serial numbers are on file for sale or rental equipment, for warranty purposes

  • All employees are trained and/or certified for the tasks they perform

  • Job procedure forms and checklists are developed for every scope of work

  • Site inspections are completed to eliminate surprises or unanticipated hazards

  • Path studies are available to ensure proper propagation of signal strength

  • CSA S3701 compliance assurance inspections offered (with a variety of options if you are looking at tower options)

  • Effective communication with the client throughout the project/job to avoid rework from misunderstandings

  • Customer sign-off on all jobs


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