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Equipment & Vehicle Tracking


Eliminate Speeding and Long Idling (reduce fuel expense)

· Prevent personal use of vehicles and side trips (improve productivity)

· Monitor Engine on Hours/Kilometers for automated maintenance alerts

· Validate time cards and payroll using reports

· Utilize over 30 reports: time at location, fuel consumption, multi-location

· Use Dashboard to view fleet trends and gain greater visibility and control

· View live location of your units, updated every 30 seconds

· Set points of interest to alert you when units enter or leave a designated location

· Receive quarterly mapping updates with Satellite imagery and Street Views

Fleetmatics provides:

· Unlimited training and service available 24/7/365

· Unlimited use of the system with no hidden charges

· No exposed wires, the unit is the size of a deck of playing cards

· Use system from any computer, IPhone, Blackberry, or IPad

Fleetmatics provides a lifetime warrantee on the hardware. Any updates are FREE.-- If a unit malfunctions it can be rebooted remotely for you. That will solve the issue 99% of the time. In the case that the remote signal doesn’t work Fleetmatics guarantees to have a new unit to you within 72 business hours or the unit is FREE for that month.

The system would cost $650 per year (monthly) or $570 if paid annually. The agreement is a 3 year term. At any time you can add more units to the agreement at the agreed upon rate. There are no other fees or charges.

And North Peace Communications Ltd has been afforded special fleet pricing. It's the best deal round, check out our per unit prices. min of 5 per order .

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